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What others are saying

“I recently had a conversation with a woman from Petoskey. She was telling me how wonderful MSHS was. She came here for a colonoscopy because there was too long of a wait to have it done in Petoskey. She was so pleased with our staff, telling me how professional and polite everyone was. She also pointed out how modern and clean everything looked. She plans to continue her care with us and mentioned that she now refers her friends to us!”
– MSHS staff member

“I recently had eye surgery at Mackinac Straits Hospital in St. Ignace with Dr. Robert Currier. It was the best healthcare experience I ever had! I have nothing but praises for the service and staff.”
– A thankful Grandma

“Survey says….FABULOUS! Your physical therapy staff was thorough, respectful and courteous. You have fabulous physical therapy services that helped me recover from my broken hip.”
– Grateful patient

“I have volunteered to be a spokesperson for Mackinac Straits and let other patients know about the great care being provided in St. Ignace. My wife was recently a s wing-bed patient. Having her recover closer to home was very convenient for us. Plus, the facility and staff were wonderful!”
– A thankful family member

“Thanks for having Dr. Markham in St. Ignace. Even though I had to have my surgery elsewhere, it was nice to see him in clinic here. It sure made it much more convenient for me and my family.”
– Grateful patient

“On behalf of my family, I want to recognize your surgical staff. Regina and Ken were great nurses during my procedure. They were so cheerful and friendly. Dr. Harburn’s confidence made me feel so relaxed and put my family at ease. Cheryl’s smiling face was very comforting. The whole procedure ran so smoothly.”
– Very thankful patient

“Your staff has gone above and beyond. My wife had trouble crossing the bridge during a recent storm and was going to be late for her surgical procedure. Your scheduler made arrangements with staff at the bridge to get her to St. Ignace on time. She has not stopped raving about the way you responded. Your services and your staff are to be treasured!”
– A thankful husband


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