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You can ask a question through our secure online forms.  These forms are not designed to discuss your medical history or specifics to your care. If you need immediate attention please call 911.

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These forms are intended for general questions pertaining to scheduling, billing, and insurance.  If you need urgent care please call 911. These forms are secured but are not designed to discuss your medical care. Do include details that pertain to your medical needs or history.

Charity Care

Who qualifies?

MSHS is committed to offering financial assistance to individuals in need of medical treatment and have a household income below 300% of the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines. While determining patient eligibility, MSHS does not take into account race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, social or immigrant status. MSHS may refer to external sources and/or other program enrollment resources for supporting documentation. Medical services billed by an outside agency will not be covered under the Charity Care Sliding Fee-Scale program. For more information on the process, contact the MSHS Billing Office, (906) 643-1185.

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