Mackinac Straits Health Systems Services
Providing you the best care possible

Remote and rural though we may be, there is no deficit of determination to provide a full range of health care services to our residents and visitors. Nor is there a single measure of healthcare quality that is unmet, thanks to our highly qualified medical staff and our certified, conscientious and compassionate caregivers. In fact, our long term care facility has received the Governor’s Award for Excellence.

This drive coupled with our sense of community service and collaboration have enabled us to bring to our region such vital services as cardiovascular rehabilitation, mammography and outpatient surgery.

Mackinac Straits Health System Services
Mackinac Straits Health System Locations


MSHS has locations throughout northern Michigan for your convenience.  Our direct facilities are focused around the Mackinac area but we have individuals come in from all over Michigan to see our experts.  Our partnership with Munson Healthcare has also extended our reach to provide care.

Medical Professionals

Looking for a specialist? We provide a list of our medical providers on our website.  Many of our specialists will require a referral from a general care provider before you can schedule directly with one of our experts.  If you do not have a general physician that manages your care you can select one of ours and have your initial consultation.