Mackinac Straits Health Systems
St. Ignace Medical Clinic

The St. Ignace Medical Clinic is a Rural Health Clinic located inside the Hospital building on the first floor. Our primary care providers offer quality medical care for the whole family, including Internal Medicine, Women’s Health, managing chronic diseases, preventative care, and care management for patients with transitional care needs.


Rebecca Becker, CFNP

Angela DeSantis, MD

Claudio Duarte, M.D.

Lene Heinlen, D.O.

Caryn Kovar, PA-C

Maryann Phillippi, MD

Lauren Tassier, CFNP

Tracy Texter, NP

Brandon Vincent, NP

Daniel K. Wilcox, MD

Visiting Specialists

Kara Cockfield, M.D.

Robert M. Currier, D.O., FOCCO

Derek Dake, O.D.

Marc Feeley, MD

Kendra Johnson, D.O.

Peter E. Levanovich, M.D.

Scott Nemec, D.O.

Kevin Markham, M.D.

Milissa Pressey, ANP

Melissa Somers, MD

Tom Tietjen, M.D.

H. Michael Topley, M.D.

Adam Wong, Au.D.

Alfred J. Wroblewski, M.D.

Open: Monday thru Friday, 7:30am – 6:30pm

Address: 1140 North State Street, St. Ignace, MI 49781

Phone: (906) 643-0466

Fax:(906) 643-0414